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What have I been doing?
I haven't streamed a lot recently because it has mostly been code and trial and error of other parts of code.  Never fear though!  I have been hard at work from designing new houses and furnishings, doors, candle holders, chain links, and much more.  I have debugged the code for shooting arrows so we will have support for bows soon - probably in the next update.  I do a lot of forum checking as well so it doesn't fill up with spam.  Soon there will be combat which will add to the in game content.  There is still much work to be done and it is going kinda slow at the moment, but once I get some momentum up expect faster updates.
Fixed the menus so they are working correctly with the new UI made the code more adaptable as well!  Inventory system coming up soon.
I now have some basic AI to the skeleton outside the crypt. If he sees the player he will start running instead of walking. Unlike many games that just check if the player is within a sphere and that there is a direct line of sight this game takes into account what direction the NPC is facing. So if you want to play stealthy that is a viable option. Time to flesh out the AI a bit more.
Added a HUD to the game for hitpoints and mana thought about putting an xp bar, but it seemed to take away from the game. Added damage routines to the skeleton he is now able to be killed. Also added death and hit animations for the skeleton.
Inventory management and GUI support drawing and updating saving and loading(because you need to save that good loot! For the next adventure!) Thinking about AI and how to make them work correctly without a ton of overhead. A* path finding and applications to the dungeon and path finding using objects etc.... so much to do!
Redoing some code that wasn't going to work correctly with the inventory system to be ready by Friday. I don't think I am going to sleep until it is working tonight.
Equipping items is now working.... need to code the inventory portion which should be easy. Back to work for me this will have a revision Friday and by any luck it will have more than I had intended it to have.
Added in doors 'e' will be the default 'interaction' key
Waypoint mesh seems to be close to being ready to have some A* coded into it. I am looking at a couple more things at the moment to make it easier for me to edit the mesh, but nothing that will be visible on the player end - except good AI pathfinding I hope.
Added stuff to edit the mesh fixed some bugs so it will be easy to work with and the AI can path find a bit. Found I need to redo some of the AI script for when it walks up hills so the mobs don't fall over. I have also been coding some support stuff for the AI - such as find nearest waypoint code and am optimizing it so the impact will be small(it is only 0 -1ms right now, but that could easily jump if this was heavily called).

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