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New version planned to be released by end of the week! (9/11/2015)
Big Grin 
I am hoping to have random item generation in the game and the inventory system worked out with hopefully no glitches or at the very least very few that are hard to reproduce. 

Current layout of equipment is just the basics:  Helm, Chest, Leggings, Feet, Right Hand, Left Hand.  Inventory will be 32 items (perhaps it will be expanded at a later time, but I feel like this is plenty of space at the moment.)  Once inventory and item generation is sorted out expect to see ore nodes, harvestable trees, herbs, and more in later patches!
Having some trouble with one little bug - been up for nearly 24 hours working on this now.  I still want to get this out today if possible.
There are a couple more things I want to add before putting the update out... mainly loot drops and AI spawn portals. Some throw me a bone here I mean really I could use bones in 3ds max format....

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